Garden Planter Box How To

Place your new planter in place and adjust the angle so that the box gets the correct amount of sun.

Garden planter box how to. This is a downloadable PDF file sent automatically by Etsy after purchase. Use containers indoors or out. Line the bottom of the planter box with a single layer of river rock or pebbles.

Fill the box about 34 full of potting soil. This will allow excess water to drain and keep roots from getting waterlogged. Decide the best filler material for you and fill your planter box about one-third to half full.

Ensure to make draining holes at the base of your wooden planter box if there a none already. The PDF file is printer friendly on standard size paper. You can use gravel or pebbles to cover your fillers top depending on which one you used.

Move them inside for. Containers can be spaced closer than plants in the ground allowing you to. Cut 10-inch wide planks with a saw so you have two 4 feet lengths and two 8 foot lengths for a standard sized planter box.

Made in hemlock and pressure treated lumber for. With the right preparation timing design and planting methods you can start a healthy vegetable garden in your garden box and have it well on its way to yielding fresh produce. Fill your garden bed to the top or nearly the top.

Includes 8 pages of comprehensive Sketch-UP drawings detailed 3D diagrams step by step. Adjust the plank length if you. How high you fill the bed depends on personal preference and the plants youll be growing.

When you plant in pots you use your landscape space more efficiently. If your plants will grow. Move them to the patio for your garden party.

DIY Planter Boxes plans planter box planspdf plan garden box plan box plan decor planter patio planter. 1 Pour one part. This video will walk you through the build of a planter box that we are now using for our vegetable garden.

Learn how to build a stand up garden planter box using just a few tools.

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